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True Cost of Bicycling!

Calculating the cost of vehicles carries many perspectives. I started thinking about the annual cost of owning a bicycle because of two reasons. First, at a young age, I relied on used cars for getting around and when I bought a used car, my goal was to spend about $1500.00 per year average cost, including maintenance and insurance. That is no longer a realistic figure. It is more like twice that cost now. According to the National Highway Safe Administration, it is much, much higher at $9-12,000. The other reason stems from how little the average person wants to spend on a bicycle. Lacking a high enough priority for fitness and transportation, the cost of the bicycle is relegated to a hobby/ entertainment type status. So, the real question, what value best positions a bicycle in the household budget? What expenditure up front or over the long haul puts the investment into perspective.

Busting Loose!

In the 1890’s, bicycling for women meant using a tricycle of sorts, maintaining a dignified look with long dresses, and not getting flushed in the face from the activity! Well, Kittie Knox, along with a few other women, made quite a ruckus. Kittie was born to a free black father and a white mother in Boston, 1874. So, a woman of mixed race had some especially tough challenges. Society believed women should be in the home, in this case, being a seamstress. Kittie shunned the tricycle for the men’s two wheeled bike as well as designing and wearing her own […]

Are Bike Shops a Ripoff?

Have you been in a discussion with bicycle fans that at some point raise the issue of their local bike shop is a rip off? The source of this inspiration stems from online shopping. “It is so much cheaper online” starts the ball rolling. Anyone who has browsed the web for bicycle gear knows that there are deals to be found. Does this mean that the local bike shop is gouging customers? the answer is a resounding NO!!! The basic premise can be logically reached by observing the lifestyle of the average bike shop owner. They certainly make much less […]

Transit Allows Hands Free!

Recently I traveled by Transit Bus. I really enjoyed it for a few reasons. The ride gave me a hands free opportunity to make a few calls, organize my schedule some, and get a little reading done. It felt liberating to reach my destination having accomplished more than just driving. While on the bus, I chatted with a few folks around me. Now, I realize that not everyone is as social as I am, yet, the ride reminded me that driving a car is so isolated. I learn many things from people. I heard about two events that floated on […]

Bicycle Humor & Comics

Those that know me, know that some form of humor gets infused into my approach to cycling, for better or for worse! My response goes something like this, “How am I supposed to improve my sense of humor if I don’t use what I have?!” Well, a vastly overlooked part of cycling happens to be cycling comics. The cartoon imagery that captures the true essence of bicycle culture from all aspects of society and around the world even. Let’s delve into the light, the dark, and the historical pieces of bike comicry. Some of the most recent comics came from […]