Community Engagement Services

Original_234x75Active Transportation Workshops:


    • School based Youth Bike Shops – learn the nuts and bolts of putting together a school based bike shop to encourage students to ride, build useful life skills, and possibly be a career starter.
    • Youth Skill Building – Bike rodeos, skill classes, safety talks, rules of the road, and bike basics to build the next generation of bicyclists.
    •  School based Youth Bike Curriculum development. Active Transportation Curriculum challenges? Learn strategies for developing curriculum and liven up Active Living sessions.
    • Traffic 101 basic skills in handling bicycles, equipment, types, basic maintenance, and rules of the road. Includes on the street skill building. Good for Physical Education teachers, organizations interested in promoting commuting,civic groups interested in promoting safer and more confident riding, as well as a prerequisite to Traffic 201 and becoming an LCI or League of American Bicyclists Instructor certification.
  • Traffic 201 – Advanced skill development in bike maintenance, handling skills, rules of the road. This session is designed to go into much more depth and build on skills gained in Traffic 101.
  • Confident Commuting – specifically designed to build confidence in getting started and commuting successfully.
  • The Bike Advantage – this session is designed to help build confidence in using bicyles as a form of transportation that combines recreational riding with utility riding. Over 40% of all transportation trip sin the USA are under 2 miles. Keep the cash from flowing out of your wallet and improve your health while doing it!


  • Developing bike/pedestrian plans – how to get started with developing a community wide plan.
  • Building a community base for bike/pedestrian infrastructure – a half or full day workshop that will give plan basics, collect data, and include a short ride to get a community on the road to developing a bike friendly community.
  • Biking on streets and bicycle parking- consulting on developing bike infrastructure for getting bicyclists to destinations and what to do when they get there. Includes information on bike parking, optional facilities as well as options for bikes on streets.
  • View from the bike – a tool to help gain perspective on what it means to “think” like a bicyclist.
  • Promoting communication between motorists and vulnerable users in a Table talk format. Bringing ALL stakeholders to the table and dialoging together to promote change.
  • Custom sessions created for your organization


  • A “Crash” course – a short presentation on basic data and information about bike crashes.
  • Large group presentation on bike basics, crash data, and training resources
  • Small group sessions on advanced rules of the road for law enforcement.