Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Mission:

To empower individuals in active transportation through engaging, collaborative, community conversations developing grassroots action steps to make a positive impact on health and wellbeing. Conversations occur in many ways – through educational situations, businesses pursuing wellness improvements, and the many community organizations promoting healthy lifestyles. Urban Connections seeks to add to the efforts of professionals and groups rather than supplant top-down programs. We strive to attract an ever-widening spectrum of individuals to the conversation that addresses empowering people to take steps for change.

Q: Programs:

Urban Connections offers a diverse pallet of programs and services, including the following:

  • The U Can 2 program, which is intended to help individuals and communities address the issue of transportation trips of 2 miles or under.
  • Neighborhood Rendezvous’, which is customized bicycle instruction for a neighborhood to promote confident commuting.
  • Community Engagement, which addresses issues within a community through a growth-capacity model developed by Urban Connections founder, Matthew Christen, to empower individuals to take action in the community around issues of importance. Participants develop their communication and leadership assets, learn the background for the issue and are empowered to develop an action plan and provide support for implementation.

A plethora of bicycle instructional opportunities also exist for parents learning how to teach their youngster how to ride a bike without training wheels, advanced bicycle handling skills, youth camps to promote safe and smart cycling, and adult education in bicycle handling, rules of the road, maintenance, and a variety of other topics.

Urban Connections also provides a blog on Active Transportation to engage the community at large in conversations about Active transportation.

Q: Costs of Services:

Urban Connections provides services on a fixed rate basis. Rates are established on an individual basis.

Q: Who We Serve:

Anyone, any business, or group/organization interested in promoting active transportation, bicycle and pedestrian education, or other community issues that includes building and applying leadership and communication skills, and community organizations. We strive to serve youth groups interested in engagement in active transportation or other community issues.

Q: Approach/Philosophy:

Urban connections is dedicated to a grassroots approach to change. Tapping into the greater resources within all of us to grow the capacity for change within a person, a family, business, or community.

Q: What are ways I can help?

Get in touch. Share active transportation experiences with the community on the U Can 2 Facebook page or check out the Active Transportation Blog to become more informed.  Enlist the community engagement model for a group, organization, or business improvement plan development! Bring a U Can 2 program to your community!  Find out how a Neighborhood Rendezvous can provide opportunities for families and individuals to gain confidence in commuting within their community!