July 2, 2012

Media Coverage

Wrench & Roll Collective is community based. These events highlight some of the ways we support the active community!

WKBT – Global Take Action Bike Project

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Bicycle Training:

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5th Grade Bicycle Instruction at Northern Hills Elementary, WKBT, May 2013

ARTICLE from the Washburn Neighborhood News, La Crosse, WI ,Spring 2014
By Matthew Christen
For the past 2 years, I have collaborated with the La Crosse Family YMCA to hold classes that teach people to ride a bicycle without using training wheels. I have successfully taught the course, Learning to Ride Without Training Wheels, with a variety of children and adults, ages 3 to 43.
My main goal, along with getting more kids to ride bikes, is to help out parents in teaching their children how to bicycle. My class cuts down on the time, sweat and tears, and makes the process work much more efficient for them. I realize the pressures parenting already comes with and lessening their load is part of my objective as well.
One of the greatest benefits to teaching kids how to ride a bike without training wheels is it takes much less time. I can help a person of any age, who is ready to learn, how to ride a bike, in about three hours. Another advantage is that it’s simple. It doesn’t take special equipment or many steps to master.  Most important, it can be a lot of fun for the person; there’s much less frustration.
Children and adults can start to learn to ride a bike without training wheels at any age as long as they’re “ready.” I created a list of readiness indicators, which I discuss at the beginning of each class. Most parents know when their child is ready in general, but they can use some specific indicators.
Readiness indicators include physical balance, good temperament, and a positive attitude that expresses “I can do it.” Experience has taught me much about how understanding readiness helps a great deal with keeping the class fun and less frustrating.
I ensure participants that the classes are safe. We only work with kids on grassy areas, so the fear factor is trimmed way down for both parent and child. We also remove the bike pedals so they don’t interfere with instruction. Everyone wears bike helmets.
Last and most significantly, the riders start at a point where they feel comfortable and move up the ladder from there. Then they don’t become overwhelmed.
Along with always wearing helmets, other safety tips for parents include building confidence in the young rider by planning bike rides they can enjoy. Enroll in other bicycling classes that can improve handling and safety skills.
I tell parents that one of the most common bike accidents occur while kids are ?
Check out upcoming class dates, times and locations for Learning to Ride Without Training Wheels at  the Y’s website – Spring classes also will be offered at La Crescent, Minn.’s, La Crescent Community Bike Shoppe. For more information, contact Matthew Christen at .

 Training Parents and Kids to Ride without Training Wheels, La Crosse Tribune May 2012

LaCrosse Area Bike Share Program:

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