April 9, 2015

Neighborhood Rendezvous

NR Postcard FrontNeighborhood Rendezvous

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WEAU-TV highlights the first Neighborhood Rendezvous in West Salem for 2015. Check it out at


Involving the community in bicycling provides many payoffs. Research shows that the benefits of increased physical activity includes:

  • increases in motivation,
  • positive moods,
  • improvements in productivity,
  • saves money$$$$$,
  • environmental impacts- lower carbon footprint. Providing neighborhood cycling opportunities may be informative, active, and engaging without being overwhelming to manage.

Organized classes and other offerings often do not meet the needs of today’s families. Bringing the instruction to where participants live, making more face-to-face contacts for inviting participation, and customizing rides to common destinations while providing on- the-bike instruction is the goal of Neighborhood Rendezvous Rides. The intent of a Neighborhood Rendezvous is to be “lean” on materials so as to make it convenient for all. Too much “stuff” to bring goes against the grain of the experience.

The primary goals of Neighborhood Rendezvous Rides are:

  • Take bike education to the neighborhoods, businesses, and groups
  • Empower riders with customized, local instruction and rides
  • Promote bicycling safety education
  • Improve the lives of youth by improving health and independence.
  • Provide useful tools for planning a localized educational event involving bicycles

For more information on the Neighborhood Rendezvous program, click here.