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U CAN 2 wellness program can save $615-800/ employee annually!

28% reduction in sick leave days

26% reduction in health costs

30% reduction in Workers Compensation

Personal benefits start NOW – $1.00 per mile savings!

75% of non-participating employees declare lack of education as the main reason they do not get involved. U CAN 2 starts with customized, easy-to-access educational introduction, plus on-going information to ignite and motivate! 

What’s included?

  • Start up materials: Live introduction and launch, U CAN 2 Resource Guides, U CAN 2 promotional materials

  • Support webinars and prezis offered on a regular customized timeline to maintain motivation

  • Customized active transportation events that fit your organizational needs such as: team building, knowledge and skill building, and motivation

  • In-person training

  • On-site seminars, custom programming

  • Facilitation for teams and increased engagement

Keep in mind-

  •  Current health trends show that 50% of Americans will be at risk for obesity by 2030. By using alternative transportation, we can combat this trend and help keep our health costs down by using exercise It’s easy to see the importance of U Can 2!  For more information about our U Can 2! program, click here. For even more, like us on Facebook!  

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