May 2, 2019

New Bikes


Very few bicycle companies sell in more than 50 markets across the world. Very few bicycle companies create a range of bikes that includes everything from children’s first pedallers to pro rider’s road machines. And even fewer bicycle companies that can do all this are still owned by their founding families. In fact, the only company we can think of that satisfies all these criteria is a name you might not expect: Jamis Bikes


Marin County California is the birthplace of mountain bike culture, and home to many of the people and places that have shaped the sport since those first informal, now-legendary, races down Mt. Tamalpais. Marin Bikes was founded in 1986 during the earlier days of mountain biking, and today offers a complete line of mountain, pavement and kid’s bikes.


The idea to start Reid came about in 2008 after I went to buy a bike to get some exercise and was shocked at the price I was quoted in a number of bike shops. This got me thinking about creating my own brand of bikes that were high quality, looked great and most importantly was great value, to get more people cycling. I figured if I was shocked at how expensive bikes are, there must be a lot of similar minded people out there that also wanted a better option.” – James Reid, Founder.


We strive to enhance every bike-related experience possible, bringing people together through the power of these simple machines. We put 40 years of knowledge and skill are at your disposal, promising a solution whether you’re a seasoned vet or just starting out. We can help you find your perfect bike and guide you to a retailer. We’re leading the industry, shipping many of our bikes nearly fully assembled, just minutes from riding.