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Women & Bicycling!

March is National Women’s Month. Based partially on Women’s History, this came about in 1988. Reaching back to the turn of the century, women suffragettes- Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony attributed the bicycle to be the greatest influence on the emancipation of women. Amelia Bloomer, the namesake of the 1800’s women’s pants that Read more about Women & Bicycling![…]

Top 10 in 2018 for Active Transportation

10  Transform early childhood and elementary education in transportation so it includes walking and bicycling as transprotation options. Rationale: the vast majority of cognitive information starting with pre-school curriculum teaches young people that transportation includes cars, trains, planes, and ships and not human powered means of transportation. Some threads do include historical perspectives on waling, Read more about Top 10 in 2018 for Active Transportation[…]