Visibility and Reflection!

With Autumn comes shorter daylight hours and more people running, walking, and pedaling in the darker hours. Dusk in September happens to be one of the times with higher rates of statistical injuries for bicyclists and pedestrians. Part of this is due to students heading back to school, also, visibility changes as light diminishes and Read more about Visibility and Reflection![…]

Fall Commuting!

Whether walking or bicycling, Fall weather changes the game. I think of it as “options.” In other words, what apparel and equipment creates more options for me to walk or ride. The saying goes, “There is not bad weather, just bad clothing choices!” Take a light for instance. With the onset of daylight savings time, Read more about Fall Commuting![…]

Utopia Revisited!

 For as long as people recorded events, writings, and other artifacts  demonstrating time and place references, the wonder of a “perfect” society or utopia has been dreamed about. Unfortunately, everyone’s idea of utopia somehow matches their own cultural bias and personal  habits and aspirations. Religious wars seem to get fought over and over again. More Read more about Utopia Revisited![…]

Bicycle Tires, Some things to Think About!

Want to get the most out of your bicycle ride? Consider your tires, typically the most expensive part of your bicycle’s upkeep besides the price of a tune up in New York City or some other kind of wheel or bicycle calamity. The type of tire you ride on can make a world of difference Read more about Bicycle Tires, Some things to Think About![…]