Women & Bicycling!

March is National Women’s Month. Based partially on Women’s History, this came about in 1988. Reaching back to the turn of the century, women suffragettes- Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony attributed the bicycle to be the greatest influence on the emancipation of women. Amelia Bloomer, the namesake of the 1800’s women’s pants that Read more about Women & Bicycling![…]

Winterizing a Bicycle

November, if not earlier, usually separates the transportation riders from the recreational cyclists. For those that have hibernating bicycles, consider applying a few tips to help make the move back into bicycling in the Spring go much smoother. Do-it-Yourself or take it into the local bike shop, it is your choice. Taking your bike into Read more about Winterizing a Bicycle[…]

Buying a Bicycle as a Gift

So, this is the year to offer your child the grand opportunity to scamper downstairs and discover a new two-wheeled wonder! Hopefully, your homework pays off with a bike that fits properly and comfortably, whether the purpose is to learn to ride or just purchasing a new adult bike. Five tips can ensure you have Read more about Buying a Bicycle as a Gift[…]