Utopia Revisited!

 For as long as people recorded events, writings, and other artifacts  demonstrating time and place references, the wonder of a “perfect” society or utopia has been dreamed about. Unfortunately, everyone’s idea of utopia somehow matches their own cultural bias and personal  habits and aspirations. Religious wars seem to get fought over and over again. More Read more about Utopia Revisited![…]

Active Transportation as a Gestalt!

Implications on how movement will improve life reaches far and wide these days. The idea of a gestalt is that we start seeing the shape, the big picture, and that seems to be what has started to happen. Recently, at a summit in Montreal, these words were spoken, “It takes healthy humans to make society function Read more about Active Transportation as a Gestalt![…]

Transit Allows Hands Free!

Recently I traveled by Transit Bus. I really enjoyed it for a few reasons. The ride gave me a hands free opportunity to make a few calls, organize my schedule some, and get a little reading done. It felt liberating to reach my destination having accomplished more than just driving. While on the bus, I Read more about Transit Allows Hands Free![…]

Top Ten List for Active Transportation in 2017!

An Active Transportation Dream shaped into the infamous Top Ten List: Number 10.-  School curriculum (pre-K to 12 grades) adjusts perception and teaching which establishes bicycling and walking as acceptable forms of transportation. Education materials include people walking, bicycling to school, work, and running errands. All the way up through driving classes in high school, health Read more about Top Ten List for Active Transportation in 2017![…]

Bike Share: A Piece of the Transportation Puzzle

Bike share has risen to be one of the important ways to get more people on bicycles. Have you ever contemplated the idea that gas powered engines has a limited span on this earth?  Baby Boomers won’t live to see the fall of the automobile, at least not in its entirety. Millennials might. Auto manufacturers Read more about Bike Share: A Piece of the Transportation Puzzle[…]