Bicycle Security vs Theft

If you live, breathe, and ride a bicycle you have thought about keeping your bicycle and gear secure. Not enough can be said concerning this costly and intrusive problem. ¬†Differing pockets of thievery exist, yet the overall statistic nationally shows bike theft dropping, at least according to the FBI. ¬†The change that has the biggest Read more about Bicycle Security vs Theft[…]

True Cost of Bicycling!

Calculating the cost of vehicles carries many perspectives. I started thinking about the annual cost of owning a bicycle because of two reasons. First, at a young age, I relied on used cars for getting around and when I bought a used car, my goal was to spend about $1500.00 per year average cost, including maintenance and insurance. That is no longer a realistic figure. It is more like twice that cost now. According to the National Highway Safe Administration, it is much, much higher at $9-12,000. The other reason stems from how little the average person wants to spend on a bicycle. Lacking a high enough priority for fitness and transportation, the cost of the bicycle is relegated to a hobby/ entertainment type status. So, the real question, what value best positions a bicycle in the household budget? What expenditure up front or over the long haul puts the investment into perspective.

Buying a Bicycle as a Gift

So, this is the year to offer your child the grand opportunity to scamper downstairs and discover a new two-wheeled wonder! Hopefully, your homework pays off with a bike that fits properly and comfortably, whether the purpose is to learn to ride or just purchasing a new adult bike. Five tips can ensure you have Read more about Buying a Bicycle as a Gift[…]