Women & Bicycling!

March is National Women’s Month. Based partially on Women’s History, this came about in 1988. Reaching back to the turn of the century, women suffragettes- Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony attributed the bicycle to be the greatest influence on the emancipation of women. Amelia Bloomer, the namesake of the 1800’s women’s pants that Read more about Women & Bicycling![…]

Active Transportation as a Gestalt!

Implications on how movement will improve life reaches far and wide these days. The idea of a gestalt is that we start seeing the shape, the big picture, and that seems to be what has started to happen. Recently, at a summit in Montreal, these words were spoken, “It takes healthy humans to make society function Read more about Active Transportation as a Gestalt![…]

Active Aging!

Growing old is not for the timid! You might hear this in conversation between the more mature in your midst. What does that mean for active transportation? Active ageing is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age. (World Health Organization)  Regular exercise Read more about Active Aging![…]

Top Ten List for Active Transportation in 2017!

An Active Transportation Dream shaped into the infamous Top Ten List: Number 10.-  School curriculum (pre-K to 12 grades) adjusts perception and teaching which establishes bicycling and walking as acceptable forms of transportation. Education materials include people walking, bicycling to school, work, and running errands. All the way up through driving classes in high school, health Read more about Top Ten List for Active Transportation in 2017![…]

Equity in Active Transportation

Equity means that everyone has access to active transportation! Equal means that everyone is treated the same. Equality assumes that everyone starts from the same point and needs the same help. All people in a city, neighborhood, or family need different resources to help them walk, bike, or roll. Efforts to create fairness starts with understanding Read more about Equity in Active Transportation[…]