Active Transportation For ALL!

If physical activity plagues all sectors of the US population, people with disabilities are not immune as they get involved at a rate of 1 out of every 2 persons, according to the Center for Disease Control. One avenue for physical activity is bicycling. With the growth in bike designs, varieties of adaptive vehicles have Read more about Active Transportation For ALL![…]

Bicycling Without Age

Bicycling, one of the many facets of Active Transportation, stretches into many areas of society. One of these brings the elders in our society from a rather isolated existence socially, living in a variety of retirement and personal care facilities, out into fresher air, socially connecting them, and giving them the thrills of a slo-roll! Read more about Bicycling Without Age[…]

Health In All Policies for Transportation Route Planning

When it comes to transportation, one of the first considerations people identify is safety. What tends to be left out of the conversation is that safety is not only a public health issue, but it lacks a functional definition. Health needs remain a critical aspect of getting youth and adults moving more often. If we Read more about Health In All Policies for Transportation Route Planning[…]

Signs of Change

Recently, a movement came to light that appeals to human powered transportation advocacy.  It’s called Walk Your City. In working with changes throughout a jurisdiction, whether a larger urban area or smaller town or city, the bureaucracy and attitudes by stakeholders can be challenging to deal with. What really speaks loudly for Walk Your City is the Read more about Signs of Change[…]

Following the Rules of the Road …. or not?

In 2012, the NHSA published a report that stated that 92% participants in the survey had not received bicycle training in the previous two years. In addition, 97% of the respondents had experienced an injury in that same time frame. This suggests that training of some sort can play a significant role in injury avoidance. Read more about Following the Rules of the Road …. or not?[…]