Adventuring or Bikepacking!

New generations of bicycle activities continues to add new elements to riding. Whether you look at 12, 18, 21, 27, 30, or 33 gear bicycles or fixed gear bikes ushering in new events such as bike polo, there will always be adventures to be enjoyed in bicycling. Adventure cycling, like folk music, includes a wide Read more about Adventuring or Bikepacking![…]

Women & Bicycling!

March is National Women’s Month. Based partially on Women’s History, this came about in 1988. Reaching back to the turn of the century, women suffragettes- Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony attributed the bicycle to be the greatest influence on the emancipation of women. Amelia Bloomer, the namesake of the 1800’s women’s pants that Read more about Women & Bicycling![…]

Utopia Revisited!

¬†For as long as people recorded events, writings, and other artifacts ¬†demonstrating time and place references, the wonder of a “perfect” society or utopia has been dreamed about. Unfortunately, everyone’s idea of utopia somehow matches their own cultural bias and personal ¬†habits and aspirations. Religious wars seem to get fought over and over again. More Read more about Utopia Revisited![…]

True Cost of Bicycling!

Calculating the cost of vehicles carries many perspectives. I started thinking about the annual cost of owning a bicycle because of two reasons. First, at a young age, I relied on used cars for getting around and when I bought a used car, my goal was to spend about $1500.00 per year average cost, including maintenance and insurance. That is no longer a realistic figure. It is more like twice that cost now. According to the National Highway Safe Administration, it is much, much higher at $9-12,000. The other reason stems from how little the average person wants to spend on a bicycle. Lacking a high enough priority for fitness and transportation, the cost of the bicycle is relegated to a hobby/ entertainment type status. So, the real question, what value best positions a bicycle in the household budget? What expenditure up front or over the long haul puts the investment into perspective.

Transit Allows Hands Free!

Recently I traveled by Transit Bus. I really enjoyed it for a few reasons. The ride gave me a hands free opportunity to make a few calls, organize my schedule some, and get a little reading done. It felt liberating to reach my destination having accomplished more than just driving. While on the bus, I Read more about Transit Allows Hands Free![…]