Visibility and Reflection!

With Autumn comes shorter daylight hours and more people running, walking, and pedaling in the darker hours. Dusk in September happens to be one of the times with higher rates of statistical injuries for bicyclists and pedestrians. Part of this is due to students heading back to school, also, visibility changes as light diminishes and Read more about Visibility and Reflection![…]

Fall Commuting!

Whether walking or bicycling, Fall weather changes the game. I think of it as “options.” In other words, what apparel and equipment creates more options for me to walk or ride. The saying goes, “There is not bad weather, just bad clothing choices!” Take a light for instance. With the onset of daylight savings time, Read more about Fall Commuting![…]

Active Transportation as a Gestalt!

Implications on how movement will improve life reaches far and wide these days. The idea of a gestalt is that we start seeing the shape, the big picture, and that seems to be what has started to happen. Recently, at a summit in Montreal, these words were spoken, “It takes healthy humans to make society function Read more about Active Transportation as a Gestalt![…]

Is Walking and Biking a National Security Issue?

Transportation routing these days gained a tremendous boost in the 1950’s by then President Eisenhower’s plan for an Interstate Highway System. Yet it started way back. Military leverage always looked for the route that could surprise or give an advantage to the aggressor or defender. In the 1700’s, in the US, forts and posts needed supply Read more about Is Walking and Biking a National Security Issue?[…]

No Bad Weather, Just Bad clothing!

Winter means many things to many people. For some, the 30’s and 40’s bring out rejoicing for no bugs, no sweaty humidity, and cool refreshing weather! For others, its time to hang up the walking shoes and bikes for the season. Taking a break provides a balance and allows adding variety to a person’s life. For Read more about No Bad Weather, Just Bad clothing![…]