Women & Bicycling!

March is National Women’s Month. Based partially on Women’s History, this came about in 1988. Reaching back to the turn of the century, women suffragettes- Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony attributed the bicycle to be the greatest influence on the emancipation of women. Amelia Bloomer, the namesake of the 1800’s women’s pants that Read more about Women & Bicycling![…]

Busting Loose!

In the 1890’s, bicycling for women meant using a tricycle of sorts, maintaining a dignified look with long dresses, and not getting flushed in the face from the activity! Well, Kittie Knox, along with a few other women, made quite a ruckus. Kittie was born to a free black father and a white mother in Read more about Busting Loose![…]

Equity in Active Transportation

Equity means that everyone has access to active transportation! Equal means that everyone is treated the same. Equality assumes that everyone starts from the same point and needs the same help. All people in a city, neighborhood, or family need different resources to help them walk, bike, or roll. Efforts to create fairness starts with understanding Read more about Equity in Active Transportation[…]

Women and Bicycling

Stand near any intersection where bicyclists typically will be seen and it becomes readily apparent that most of the bicyclists that you will see will be males. Change is in the air, or on the road and changes will benefit many if we can develop better infrastructure and more opportunities for women to ride. The Read more about Women and Bicycling[…]